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Scatterbrain3ack LLC


    Scatterbrain3ack LLC was founded and launched

with the first pieces of  ’V3RSEZ’ merchandise 2014 in Atlanta, GA.

Scatterbrain3ack LLC has now transformed from just an apparel brand

into a household umbrella

powering its entertainment and media imprints;



 The mission of Scatterbrain3ack

is too aggressively rebel "status quo"

and boldly impact human and artistic culture through

freedom of art, positive affirmation, and authenticity.

Stephon Amir began his journey as a dancer and choreographer. Some of his early exposures include youth and school tours and published in local press and media. Stephon's debut mixtape "Reckless Navy” released in 2014, building his local credits and tristate recognition. since his debut , Stephon has released 3 mixtapes and an EP entitled Nightmare, named after one of his  collaboratory mixtapes.  Stephon is also a business man, Founder of Scatterbrain3ack LLC, Stephon owns his own apparel and footwear collection, his own label and entertainment company, “M3LWOOD Music & Publishing & Entertainment”, and podcast “SB LIVE PODCAST” available now on Apple Podcast AND I Heart Radio. Amir has opened up for legendary acts such as the “Phyllies Intruders”, “The Original Blue Notes”, and “Rakim”. Stephon has also been featured and associated  with acts such as "Bow Wow" and "Tiffany Evans". Stephon went on to receive a total of 5 tristate nominations including, Best Male Hip-Hop (2015), Best New Wave Artist (2016), Best Dance Group (2016) , Best R&B/Soul Male (2017),  and a nomination for an Indi Music Award (2016).


Entertainer, Creative Producer, Entrepreneur

Stephon Amir

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